New Beginnings

Welcome to one distracted dad’s blog. Herein you will find my new adventures with my wife and our new twins. As of this post (April 5, 2014), we haven’t had the kids and don’t even know the genders.

If you’re new to my writings, welcome. If you’ve followed me before, this is a fresh start. I’m combining a new beginning with a new commitment to write and maintain a more “professional” blog than before; no longer a blog to throw out random thoughts and stories of our vacations, but a steady flow of the day-to-day of two people who went from infertile and comfortable to pregnant and broke.

My last main blog can be found here. It documented the journey my wife and I took from Florida to Washington State and the various adventures we’ve had since arriving in the Evergreen State. From a cross-country road trip to cancer to jobs coming and going to camping trips and visits to Florida to a nasty reaction* to prescribed medications, that blog haphazardly detailed the main points of our lives prior to the writing of this post. Knock yourself out, if you’re so inclined.

This, however, is my new blog for a new phase. We’re adding twins to our lives. I’ll be finding a new job, even at the cost of a severe reduction in pay in order to be a largely SAHD. Any trips, treks, adventures, and events will now involve my children (THAT feels weird to say), and this blog is about that whole new life, a rebirth of myself from self-centered, immature man-child to a self-centered, immature man-child with twin babies. I think they and I will have a lot in common.

I drift between excited and terrified, much like being on a rollercoaster if the rollercoaster ride ended in me being slathered in spit-up and doo.

I am so dedicated to this venture that I have multiple outlets. Feel free to follow me on Twitter right here and/or on my Tumblr.

Hope you like what you read and glad to check out your blog/s.

– Robb

*horrible, the worst time of my life ever


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