The Boys, Week 6.5

This past Saturday marked six weeks for me in this new thing called “fatherhood.” It’s still taking some adjusting, so I can’t wait until the boys are two or three and I will be permanently settled into a routine for the rest of my time with them. It’s gonna be cushy.
I’m going to hit the “highlights” as best I can…the days and weeks are such a blur anymore, it’s hard to keep things in order. Luckily we have baby calendars and books and blogs do keep everything documented, and as soon as we have time to properly utilize any of them, recalling our time with the twins will be much easier.
  • Doctor visits/Health: We’ve had two visits with the pediatrician in the last few weeks; one was an “emergency” visit in which M’s normal wheezy, congested breathing seemed to be really bad. The doctor told us this is fairly normal, gave us some saline spray, and sent us on our way. The next visit was their one-month checkup, and they were doing just fine. Our only concern on that visit was M’s neck, which is very weak in comparison to his brother’s. C can already lift his head and pivot it around, while M can barely turn his 180°. The doctor told us that babies – including twins – develop at different rates, and that if we had just one child, we wouldn’t even notice. We basically got an “if this hasn’t improved by month three, then we worry.” We also checked C’s diaper rash, which had developed a couple of sores. They weren’t infected badly or anything, but they hadn’t gone away with OTC creams, so the doctor gave us some stronger stuff. As of now, it’s helped, but we still have a ways to go. Update: I started writing this a while ago, and as of its posting, C’s diaper rash is almost totally gone and M has started getting his head up and pivoting on his own!
  • Family: Kat’s mother, father, and maternal grandparents came for a visit. Her father left after 10 days, her grandparents were here for three days, and her mother left after three weeks. A week later, my mom came out from Kansas. She left last Saturday, saying goodbye to her first grandchildren. All in all, as crowded as it can be with extra people around, we already miss the presence of family (Kansas is the closest immediate family for us), and it’s so great to have loved ones helping take care of your kids.
  • Work: Kat is still on leave for almost six weeks, while I have burned every personal, vacation, and sick day I had at work. The plan was for me to find a new job during that time, but I think we underestimated how much time the twins would take up and overestimated the availability of part-time and/or work-at-home jobs and my ability to find and land one. I’ll still be actively searching for a new gig, but in the meantime I’m still going in to my old/current job. If the gods smile on us, I’ll find something before Kat returns to work; otherwise we’ll have some seriously complicated daycare scheduling to figure out. Ideally I’ll be working from home, but it’s at least as likely that I’ll be back to waiting tables or working in another, closer grocery store. Either way, the plan is for minimal daycare and for me to mostly do the SAHD thing.
All in all, I guess that we’re largely experiencing what most new parents of twins do, and whatever new parents of singletons do, only times two. We’ve been warned that we will probably not even remember the first three months, what with the brain-melting exhaustion and being constantly pulled in different directions. I hope that’s not true; I hope I remember this.
Actually, I guess I hope I remember the boys and the family and the fun and happy times, but I’d pay good money to have the sleeplessness, job stress, and frantic rearrangement of our lives surgically removed from my brain.

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