The Good News Is…

When I launched this blog (and this Tumblr and this Twitter account), the goals were threefold:

  1. Keep family/friends updated on our lives
  2. Have a place for me to get some writing done, with family eagerly awaiting news as my motivation
  3. Help me connect with other parents, folks with ADD and depression, and possible leads on jobs

The good news is that I’ve actually managed to do some of each of these, and will continue to get posts in as I can.

The other good news is that due to the amount of time the twins demand, I can’t get as much writing done as I’d like. Yes, I think that’s actually good news; it means I’m spending lots of time with the boys, so much so that other activities have been neglected.

The bad news is that the overall point of having these accounts is to work towards a better life for the boys via my improved mood and new job. See how it’s cyclical? 

That said, the other other good news is that I have been hired by a transcription company. Before you send me the congratulations cards, the work is limited to what they have available and how quickly you can do it. The pay is by the audio minute (the length of whatever I’m transcribing), and obviously I’ll be slow in the beginning. The average for a “rookie”, says the welcome email I received is $40.00/month; not exactly a living wage. Ideally, I’ll get pretty fast and move up the ladder relatively quickly and start earning more money. I’ll get more into this when I get started, so stay tuned.

The good news in that is that I got hired. Specifically, I got hired for a WAH position based on the results of a test I took that required writing, listening, grammar, and paying attention. In other words I got hired based on skills I have that don’t involve putting potato salad into plastic tubs. This provided a big and much needed ego boost, low-paying job notwithstanding. It also opened up the idea of this type of work; I’ve found more companies that I’ll be applying to over the next few weeks. The ultimate goal is to work from home while earning enough to not need to work in a retail establishment for the first time in my life. I don’t know if transcription is going to do that, but it’s a step in the right direction.

One unexpected benefit of having twin babies is that I have been more focused, less distracted, and better able to organize and plan ahead. Please note that I’m not saying I’m great at any of these, but I’m better than I was a few months ago. I think that being on edge with regards to the boys’ needs keeps my brain on task better than it had been. Knowing that I have two hours before the babies need to eat keeps me focused on the task at hand. I’ve always been a “work better under pressure” person, and this is that. I just need to work on getting to bed earlier; I tend to get home, help with a feeding, do some work, and be ready to go to sleep just when the boys are waking up. Depending on my level of exhaustion this leads to anything from a shrug of mild annoyance to downright “Of COURSE they’d be hungry right when I’m ready for bed!” anger. I absolutely have to adjust my sleep patterns, but I’ve been going to bed at hit-a-wall o’clock for the better part of the last 20 years, so making a permanent change is daunting. I’ll get there, though, because Kat says I have to.

So the blogs aren’t being kept up like I was hoping, but there have been other benefits of this “father of baby twins” thing. Like I said earlier, this stuff was supposed to make me better, therefore making life better for the boys. Turns out they flipped that on me; they’re not letting me get to everything I want, but they’re improving me in their own way.


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