Upcoming and the Fourth

This Sunday will be our nanny’s first official day on the job; it’ll be an orientation, as in “the diapers are here” and “cartoonish mousetraps will snap on your fingers if you reach into this drawer” type stuff. You know, the usual. After that, we’ll begin our transition to Kat working most weekdays, except some alternate days, and I’ll coordinate my work days with hers, and I’ll be home more, as will she, and we’ll have a nanny to fill the cracks. Scheduling fun!

I have just completed and we will soon begin playing some playlists on the iPod-friendly clock radio in the nursery that are customized for our little ones. I set up white noise playlists, lullaby playlists, classical music playlists, and combinations of thereof. We’re hoping we can “program” the boys with some specific music to let them know it’s time to sleep; a little Pavlovian action.

The Fourth of July has passed by without incident. Some people ad expressed concern that the boys might be distressed by the noise of the fireworks, but neither one noticed. I think we were not surprised as they don’t express much concern with noises in the actual house other than to sometimes turn their heads or wake up if sleeping.

I admit I am looking forward to future Fourths. I don’t pay much attention now, but I loved the holiday as a kid, signed declaration of independence (which was actually voted on on July 2) be damned! Kat didn’t grow up with much in the way of fireworks, but I loved the novelty stuff: little paperboard tanks that rolled and then fired canons, chickens that screeched and “painted” eggs onto the pavement, fountains, smoke bombs, those “snake” things that were black pellets that expanded into “snakes” of black ash when lit on fire…awesome. As I aged, I got more into explosives and mortars, and then realized how much it costs to buy stuff that will literally be lit on fire and detonated. Now I want to return to the paper chickens, only with my boys. Also I want to do the explosives with them because they’ll be in awe, and that’s sweet.

Stay tuned; Pictures coming soon! Sorting right now, and ideally I’ll have them up within the next week.


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