I think that one of the biggest points of contention between Kat and I over the whole “raising twin babies” thing is about schedules, both ours as a couple, ours individually, and for the boys.

By her very nature, K is much more organized and more of a “scheduler”. (See Distracted below.) I’m much more of a spontaneous person and don’t like to be “fenced in” by too much planning. The nice thing is that with both of us together, we tend to balance out nicely between being able to be a little looser and a little more organized, respectively.

Enter babies. All the books, the sites, the groups, the friends and family, and common sense told us the babies need to get on schedules. Teach them to sleep around the same time and for the same length of time. Teach them to eat around the same time and have the same amount. Do baths on the same day. Build habits, build routines, get them weaned from this to that. The trick to having a peaceful life with a baby or babies, it seems, is to have as much structure as possible. That being said, our new work schedules (see Job Sitch above) should throw this whole thing out of whack.

In all honesty I’m all for this. I’d love to be able to plan out their days more efficiently, and think a little more predictability in their routines would be a great thing.


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