Adventures in Babysitting

Our daycare situation has been a precarious one. We can’t afford to hire a nanny for what most charge, we really can’t afford a branded daycare like KinderCare, and we can’t afford to take off too much work. This has left us with a sort of mish-mash of finding part-time, affordable daycare and creating new work schedules for each of us.

Kat, for her part, was able to get two days a week where she can work locally rather than drive an hour each way to Olympia. She’ll also be taking every other Wednesday off. I will be taking alternating amounts of days off, three every other week and four the other weeks when Kat is working that Wednesday. For me (only me), this means a pay cut because of fewer hours and potentially a pay cut in general. I will most likely need to step down from my leadership position as well, which I’m less worried about, but it still stinks.

With that settled, we hired an in-home sitter Kat found through She was willing to work for what we offered, and turned out to be great. Once we decided to spend more time at home, we couldn’t offer the number of hours she needed, but to her credit, she stayed to work the days we needed during the past few weeks. Kat found another nanny, interviewed her, had her over for paid “training”, and then…

…she quit. She found a better job, which, OK, cool, but she had specifically told us that she’d work any other jobs around us. We’d even understand if she’d given us notice or helped us until she needed to start her other job, or returned her training day money, or at the very least been professional and not quit in an email which had the sign off “Don’t hate me!”.

No professional courtesy these days…

So we ended up “settling” for someone else who sounds great but her daycare will be in her house. That’s fine, but we wish we could avoid the pain of swapping cars and early morning drop-offs. We’ll visit her house this week to make sure she doesn’t have any goat parts nailed to a shrine or anything.

Wish us luck.


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