Weeks Something Through Something…Four Monthsish

The biggest problem with updating current event blogs too infrequently is having to remember stuff. I have a hard enough time remembering stuff short term, without trying to pull up what I was doing three weeks ago. The end result – in this case – is a disjointed, out-of-sequence chronicle of baby-related news for the last several weeks. The boys have each had big leaps (figuratively) in their physical abilities. C was first to hold his head up during “tummy time”, and also the first to roll over. M was the first to take aim at something, reach up, and grab it, in the first instance a plastic parrot thing that hangs from their jungle play mat. Each of them can also grab on to objects and lift and manipulate them, but haven’t started moving their bodies to get something.

2014-08-03 09.00.12

He-men if ever there were any.

M was having a harder time due to his torticollis, the lopsided, stiff neck that resulted from being smooshed* in the womb. *medical term 

YOU try having a smile like that when your brother bent you all up.

YOU try having a smile like that when your brother bent you all up.

His success came much more rapidly than we’d expected; suddenly he was holding his head straight up when we held him and lifting it high during tummy time. Next thing you know he was rolling over front to back AND back to front. His head also stopped lolling to the right when  he’s relaxed. We still (finally) had our appointment M with the pediatric physical therapist this week. She taught us some stretches and exercises to do with him to help with the continued development of his neck muscles and head balance. She also put our minds at ease about the flat spot he’d developed on his skull due to his neck keeping his head in the same position when he slept. He apparently still has plenty of time for that to pop out.

"Getting better, so suck it, torticollis!"

“Getting better, so suck it, torticollis!”

The pile of clothes that no longer fit is rapidly growing. I’d known, of course, that babies and toddlers grow incredibly fast, but until I was ditching a onesie two weeks before the label said it would stop fitting, I never realized HOW fast they grow. Looking at old photos and comparing them to more recent pics is remarkable to me. They are so much bigger it’s like they’re totally different people than the two we brought home from the hospital. This week we also noticed that C has a little white cap or bud of a tooth coming in. He’s a few days shy of four months, but he’s still in the range of “his parents aren’t bragging about how advanced their kid is”. He’s still early in the teething process, and he hasn’t seemed to have any severe discomfort; he’s drooling like crazy and chewing/sucking anything he can get in his mouth, but no noticeable pain. Nights have been a bit rough lately. M is waking up frequently through the night, either because he lost his pacifier, had a bad dream, needs to eat or cuddle, or just for whatever unknown reason it is at any given time. He’s quick to fall asleep, but doesn’t like to stay that way. C, on the other hand, tends to fight sleep with every fiber of his being, but usually sleeps through most or all of the night. And while they both do it, C has become a master at getting out of swaddles, even the infamous “double swaddle” and now sleep sacks which have zippers he has somehow managed to unzip.

You have never seen a more perfect picture of a smug face.

You have never seen a more perfect picture of a smug face.

M getting in on the act.

M getting in on the act.

He is now officially the reincarnation of Houdini.

This thing has a zipper with the puller thingy on the outside and it unzips bottom to top. He is now officially the reincarnation of Houdini.

Cloth diapering is going fairly well now that we’ve got a handle on it. We’ve had noticeable savings on disposables, although I haven’t calculated energy/water increases.

I think that’s about it for now…oh, and today (8/9/14) both boys laughed for the first time and at the same time, so we’re feeling pretty happy about that.

A little “so cute you want to die” action for you:

2014-08-06 16.26.56

“Look out, ladies.”

2014-08-06 16.26.29



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