These days we have three things (outside of work) that we would like to get done on any given day, and each day we are forced to choose what will be accomplished and what will be sacrificed.

After jobs and time with/for the boys, Kat and I each want to get the following things done: get a decent amount of sleep, do things (look for better jobs, blog, etc.) that are in the long-term interest of our little family, and chores/daily responsibilities.

The problem is that after work and kids, our time is so limited that we usually need to pick which things we won’t get done.

Want to spend a while searching for jobs with better schedules and/or pay? Go for it. Oh, but then you might end up staying up late, and then you’ll be all crappy the next day. So maybe go right to bed and get a good night’s sleep. If you do that, though, keep in mind that the carpet will still need to be vacuumed and the lawn will still need to be mowed when you get up. So maybe you get the house in shape a bit, but gosh, that guest post someone requested you to write for their blog will go unwritten. But how good can your writing be if you don’t get more sleep?

The cycle has been continuing ad nauseam for, oh, about five months now.

How do we decide what’s a priority at any given moment? When is the long-term investment more important than the in-your-face, really should have been done a week ago item? And when is it worth sacrificing sleep, or is it ever, considering how much we lose already?


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