The First Next Stage

The last few weeks have seen M & C begin the movements and muscle-building activities they’ll need to start crawling; soon our little guys will be mobile soon, running us ragged and testing our baby-proofing skills.

The boys are also more “talkative” than ever; both are mumbling and cooing more and more every day. They’re also clearly recognizing their mommy and their old man, and have emotional responses to us.

More interesting than that is that they’ve begun to really notice each other for the first time. They acknowledge each other, try to get closer to each other, grab at each other, and – with no apparent malice – grab toys from each other. Hopefully their parents can raise them to be friends and care for each other.

I feel like we’ve entered this new era in which the boys have officially left the “newborn” stage and are in the stage where they start to flesh out into real people.

We’re no longer responsible for just keeping them alive. Now we’re responsible for bringing up good boys and building them into good men.

I’m not ready for this…


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