Bipolar Illustrated

While I’ll be addressing this in more detail down the line, I was told almost a year ago that I likely had bipolar disorder, in particular bipolar NOS (not otherwise specified). To be clear, this was and is not a firm diagnosis, but the NOS classification leaves a lot of room for doctors to work with. What I have had are a doctor, a therapist, and a psychologist all agree that I pretty much fit the bill, and I’m on bipolar medications. Yes, medications with an “s”, as in plural. The hesitance to give me any sort of label is due largely to effects of other medications I was on*, and trying to sort out what was me and what was meds…it’s complicated, but like I said, I’ll get to that later.

Right now I’m just sharing an article featuring some pretty great “comics” that more or less concisely sum up some of the feelings some or most people suffering from one type of BPD or another. I didn’t even know what bipolar was until it entered my realm of consciousness, and I wish I’d seen these then.


*There is some debate about whether certain medications can trigger latent BPD and other psychological problems that might never have manifested otherwise. This seems entirely probable in my case. More to come. -RM


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