Fits and Starts

Last night I came to a realization: almost every other dad/parent blogger out there has kids older than hours ours*. Their stories, while often entertaining, educational, and inspiring, are often hard to relate to on a “molecular” level. Kids are a challenge, wacky, and worth it. OK, I get that, but I can’t yet share stories of adventures of school, funny things they’ve said, how they react to each other, etc. I can pretty much just post pictures and update on milestones, poop/eat/sleep, etc.

That said, I feel a lot better about the neglect with which I’ve treated this blog; obviously it’s a challenge for every new parent to squeeze time in for writing.

All that said, since I’m trying to divide this between babies and mental health (and other topics as they peak my interest), and with those being such fluid topics, I’d like to do better on posting. To that end, I’ve been working more on jotting down notes, reminders, and ideas as they come to me for later use. This has always been one of my biggest challenges. I always think “I’ll remember that, how could I forget such a great idea?”

So I’m not going to sweat my stalls as much and remember what my moniker means and why I have it. The only distraction isn’t laziness (although it pops up), but babies and work and other things that come between anybody and their writing.

*First, this was proofread by two people. Second, technically, TECHNICALLY, those children ARE older than hours. Months or years even.


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