Hospital Bag for Twins

Pretty thorough list from Twiniversity of the things you should pack in the bag you’ll be taking to the hospital to deliver your twins. This list goes more or less for parents of singletons too, so don’t feel left out.

Side note: If you don’t look like the picture of the woman who’s pumping, there must be something wrong with you. That’s pretty much a textbook post-pregnancy body.

A few tips for the partners:

If you stay overnight, you will likely be sleeping on a Korean War surplus cot with a mattress that’s slightly thicker than the uncomfortable linen service blanket they give you. I recommend a camping bedroll or yoga mat or something. And take your own pillow! Someone might have died on the one they give you. So just think about that.

Take junk food. You can take Larabars and bananas and…OK, those are the only healthy foods I know. Anyway, you’ll both be stressed, and feeling a little sorry for yourselves, and if you don’t normally eat Double Stuf Oreos and Cheez-Its and Slim Jims, now’s your chance. No one will judge you if they come in and find you weeping gently and cramming handfuls of Trix into your mouth. Also (moms), eat whenever they tell you you can. Things can get pushed back, and you don’t want to wait for hours only to find out you could have been eating the whole time. – The author of the list on Twiniversity makes this point as well, but it’s worth making twice.

Bring your phone charger! You will be expected to keep family up to speed and take pictures, and the building you’re in will likely have your phone straining to find a signal.

Bring the car seats and make sure any bases are properly installed!!! If you need help the NTSB and other agencies have good info, and there are also professionals who will install them for a fee. Google it or check Facebook; there is a car seat installation group there.

Some other things to keep in mind:

The hospital ward where you go after delivery will likely be locked down in case any kidnappers decide to go shopping or any of the babies turn out to be Stewie Griffin. You’ll have to get buzzed in and out any time you leave, so for your convenience, try to minimize your trips.

Mom is going to be the center of attention. You probably know this already, but in the excitement you could forget. Stay out of the way. It’s easy at first, but after delivery nurses are going to swarm mom. Get in a corner and stay there. It’ll save you being told to go to the corner, which is embarrassing, so I hear.

Lastly partners, if you haven’t yet, you need to brace for things you’re going to see. Don’t wait until zero hour. You know what zero hour is? It’s a cross between Our Bodies Ourselves and Nightmare on Elm Street.

"Visualize a beautiful flower opening in the sun..."

“Visualize a beautiful flower opening in the sun…”


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