Amazon Review*: BumGenius Cloth Diapers & Sprayer

Before our boys arrived, we decided that we wanted to use cloth diapers as much as possible. This prevents some obvious logistical problems, as well as the debate over whether the electricity/water/cleaning chemicals totaled are still better for the environment and our budget than disposables. We tried a few different brands to start off, but the only diapers that met with our satisfaction at all were bumGenius. We have a few years of diapering to go, so who knows what will fit the bill (and the bums) in the future, but for now, this is our brand.

And how does one clean the, um, “bulk” from a cloth diaper? The easiest way id to spray it with water. You could use the sprayer in your sink, but the diaper sprayer from bumGenius has been working pretty well for us.

*NOT sponsored


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