Telling the Psychiatrist – “I Have An Ocean Rolling In Me”

I love seeing artists take their mental health “issues” and make something beautiful out of them. Please check out this post and the associated website.


I used to have a love-hate relationship with the huge “ocean” of thoughts, feelings, and images inside of me.

I loved the fact that I was so creative, artistic and imaginative!

In an ocean you can dive, splash and play. You can ride high on majestic waves and look out into endless sparkling blue.

But… in an ocean you can also drown. 

You can drift out too far and find yourself lost. There are storms. You can get really exhausted trying to swim back to land.

I used to envy people who didn’t know the wrath of an inner ocean. They had little fountains inside of them, with perfect landscaping. They had pleasant ponds with happy fish. They were normal and I was a freak. I hid the wild ocean and pretended that I had a pleasant pond as well.

I came to the point where I had to ask…

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