I’m Back, Baby

I know what you’re thinking: “Robb, a lot’s happened in the last few months, but you haven’t written any  blog posts lately!” Right? Isn’t that what you’ve all been saying, loyal audience? Right? Guys?


“Chirp chirp chirp.”

Well, between being up to my neck in cross-country-move-related shenanigans, switching from part-time to full-time SAHD, and trying to settle our home and explore the area, I’ve been even busier than I used to be, and that’s saying something.

Then, that’s always the excuse, isn’t it? I can’t write about things we’re up to because we’re too busy doing those things.

I’ll sum up our current situation as briefly as possible, then flesh it out in future installments: We moved to Virginia, just outside D.C., when Kat was offered a job she couldn’t pass up. I’m doing the stay-at-home-dad thing for now, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had.



Well, second best.

The boys are healthy but not speaking more than a few words at this point, so they’re a little delayed. We started speech therapy, but that’s a whole other post (or series of posts). My in-laws live in the area, which is nice, but we miss our friends in the good Washington. Aside from a hell of a case of plantar fasciitis I’ve been limping around on, everyone’s physical health has been good, and my mental health seems to be stable.


For now.

We seem to be getting caught up enough on life that I might be able to get some writing (and other relaxing things that are oh so crucial to my sanity) done more and more frequently. The bad news is, knowing the direction my life always seems to take whenever I think “Now I can get my life on track,” I’ll likely be working graveyards and weekends at the Blimpie’s in the Hess station down the street.


My new boss, and a member of this year’s homecoming court!

To tide you over until I bust out some more updates and rambling diatribes, you can read some creative writing of mine here. In case you didn’t know (you didn’t), I started writing silly stuff for the boys before they were born; poems, little stories, advice, and whatnot. I’ve had fun doing this, but I’m sad to admit that without pictures, the boys couldn’t possibly care less about sitting and reading it with me. I can’t draw for jack ever since I stopped after high school, but what do they know? Maybe I’ll slap some stickers in there.I had already hand-written this stuff a while back, so I’m throwing it out there on the ol’ internet so I can say I got something posted.

So enjoy (or at least don’t tell me if you don’t enjoy), and watch here and at my writing blog (the one you’re about to go to) for new stuff coming soon; I know you’re looking forward to it! Right? Guys? Right?


“Sorry, you only paid me for the first three chirps.”


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